Teeth Brushing, Ear Cleaning & Nail Clipping

Teeth Brushing

  • Gentle Brushing using specialised toothpaste to remove debris from teeth and gums (please note if you wish for you dogs teeth to be scaled, please refer to your vet).
  • Helps to eliminate unsightly dulling plaque stains.
  • Dental foam to freshen your dogs breath.
  • for one off treatment, prices range from £5.

Ear Cleaning

  • Gentle removal of dead hair with light ear powder.
  • Cleansed with top quality ear cleaner to remove wax and dirt.
  • Leaves ears feeling clean and smelling fresh.
  • Maintains ear hygiene.
  • For one off treatment, prices from £5.


Nail Clipping

  • Small dogs £5
  • Large dogs £8
  • Dash of colour to your dog (may not show on darker dogs).